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Comment: I am interested in displaying Mongongo Lip in my spa for my clients to purchase. IPSY and love it! Do you give discounts for multiple orders or have wholesale costs? thank you in advance. - A. Comment: Comment: I suffer from severe dry lips during basically every month of the year. I get cold sores often and last winter it was so dry that I nearly has one every month, I recently got my hands on the Mongongo Organic Lip Conditioner and I started using it yesterday night and it has been close to 24hrs and my lips are already soft again and barely cracked anymore! I think I may have just found my lifesaver, finally some good prevention for cold sores! I haven't done it yet, but I always melt my balms into pots because if I do get a cold sore I have to throw the tubes away. Maybe an idea for the product would be offering it in pots? I can never find anything in pots. I have tried Chapstick, Burt's bees, eos, Carmex, Smiths Rosebud Salve(actually caused a cold sore), and many other balms. Your product has so far been better than anything! I. Just wish it was sold in stores around here! I'm really happy I finally found a good balm and one that has good ingredients too! I look forward to trying more products! - J.B. Comment: Green Coffee Cellulite Treatment Hydrating Body Cream and Green Coffee Cellulite Treatment Exfoliating Body Scrub; My new favorite product from Jersey Shore Cosmetics. Soooo luxurious... My very top fav is their sunscreen! Won't leave home without it. Next fav is their red lipstick. I can eat dinner and still have color on without reapplying it. Next fav is their bronzer. So soft and golden looking. I've been using Chanel cosmetics for so many years; but JSC's products are better because they are ALL natural, and most are organic. Love love them. And I don't usually endorse anybody. But why keep this healthy secret to myself. Love is sharing. - A. L.

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